Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Racing Worm Bros

HEY! Where'd that picture go?
Someone in Canada has published this book.
I think I need to contact the wdoa legal dept. After we take them for every cent they got, we'll be able to fund the station into the next decade. Oh wait, they'll probaly pay in Canadian money and we won't last until 2009.
Well until the laywers get back to me , listen to the latest.
Worm Bros show
We've got live music from Wormtowns, own Belmondos, at the Kirkland.
And Phillys' own Mondo Topless, a band I never heard unitl that evening.
They blew my mind!
Also, we saluted the Patriots, oh well...
And a nod to The Crybabies, one of Wormtowns' best who are calling it quits.
It's like an Artie Party.
And also a couple of people passed away, we did our best to remember.
More to come in 2007, stay tuned.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Massachusetts Drivers

Big difference between drivers in Germany and here in Massachusetts. In Germany people actually follow the traffic laws, here in Massachusetts they are in large part ignored or taken as a kindly suggestion. The Autobahn in Germany contrary to popular belief in the US does have speed limits on much of it, however in some areas there are still no limits. If you drive on autobahn like many of you do here, you'll be dead or kill someone in less than 30 minutes. You weave in and out of traffic you are either going to hit someone or have someone plow into you at a casual 200 Kmh. Bought a new car last week and within 72 hours of picking it up was almost in two accidents. The first was when some yokul in a white van (the type you see on Law & Order used by child molesters to grab kids off the street) nearly slammed into my back end in Westboro after I dared to actually brake when the light when to yellow. The second was in Spencer when someone pulled out of a side street to Route 9 directly in front of me. These dicks just don't care. What we need here is more enforcement of traffic rules, no not the ticketing for 35 in a 30 zone type crap, but bagging people who change lanes w/o signaling, weave in and out of traffic. Now the problem with this is (and this is where I'm bound to get into trouble), we don't see a whole lot of this cuz guess who drives like nutz the most when they are off duty... That's right cops... They know they are not going to get a ticket, and chances are they know how to play the system if an accident happens. I'm not talking about all cops, but there are a good portion of them that hop out of their cruisers and into their monster pick-um-me-up trucks or SUV's and drive like hell. I guarentee if people were ticketed for the shit they pull, then folks would simmer down. Oh yeah while we are at it, put down the god damn cell phone, coffee, DVD player etc. and watch the road. You want to kill someone that's fine make it yourself.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Move to ban MP3 streaming in US back in Play

The "Perform Act" is back for consideration in Congress thanks to our favorite RIAA lackey Congresswoman Dianne Feinstein. Read about it here Feinstein hasn't met a law limiting peoples access to music or video that she doesn't like.

Monday, January 22, 2007

New "Life In the Foodchain"

Brandy new, fresh from the factory edition of my "Life In The Foodchain". Available in streaming mp3, mp3 download, or streaming Real Media. Get it here.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Don't book your next flight with American Airlines

Well, Heidi and I are back in the US of A after spending almost three weeks in Germany. I'll have some comments as I get time on different stuff in Germany, but for now I want to sound off on the horrible service provided on the ground at Logan by American Airlines. I previously posted about the fun & games we had checking in on our way to Germany. Coming back was even more festive. First the flight crew was delayed getting to the airport in London's Heathrow airport so the flight was delayed by about 30 minutes, no biggie but yet annoying. When we landed in Logan and cleared Passport Control (more on this later) we went to pick up our luggage. Heidi found one of her bags had been mangled and a side pocket had been torn off with many of it's contents missing. Still standing by the luggage carousel Found Priscilla an American Airlines Employee and pointed out the damage. Evidently her job is to discourage people from filing claims of damaged luggage. She told us we could either take everything we had out of the damaged luggage (like we had anywhere to put that stuff) and leave the luggage there and they would "investigate our claim", or we could trudge up to the third floor of terminal E with all our other luggage, and a ride to take us back to Spencer waiting outside, get a receipt and then after we had unpacked in Spencer, bring the piece of luggage back to Logan. Damage to luggage happens, it is a risk of flying, but the airline should make a effort to take care of their customer when this happens. They didn't. After much back and forth they gave me a Fedex account number that I can use to have the luggage picked up, but I still probably have to find a big box to put the luggage in to ship. The whole system was setup to get people to just say forget it and not file a claim. Although the folks up in the air were fine and courteous the treatment on the ground both coming and going has me vowing not to fly American Airlines next time.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

It isn't Kenmore Square, but we found the new location of the Rat!

We found the new location for The Ratskeller, it's here in the German town of Werdau.... Actually a very nice restaurant here in the town, located in the basement of this building.
Also while here we are trying to figure a way to transport this antennae back to the US for WDOA to use for future broadcasts. Actually it's an old tower used by the Stasi back in the days of the GDR.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Global Warming

Yeah, I'm all for it. 64 at The Wormstead on January 06,2007.Broke all kinds of records all over the northeast usa. Usally it's 10 below fucking zero right now. Cars won't start, pipes freeze, frostbite sets in, but not this year.
I know we'll get clobered at some point. But for now,pass me an ice cold Gansett!