Thursday, February 23, 2006

If everyone's doing it, it must be good? Right?

As quick to jump on a bandwagon as anyone, we now have the WDOA My Space site. Actually I had set it up a few weeks ago, but due to some sort of bug in the My Space system, I was unable to log back into it to set anything up. Now all sorts of potential murderers and future murder victims (it does seem to be a trend, doesn't it) can sign up to be our friends.

Monday, February 13, 2006

...and we're back

A lag in posting is now broken. In the past week we have new shows up from Heidi with a new Das Etwas , The Worm Brothers came by and recorded a new show, with a tribute to Allen "Alpo" Paulino of The Real Kids, Nervous Eaters, Primitive Souls, and more. Also included at no additional cost is a live recording of the Lyres from Ralph's Diner in Worcester last month. I'm sure we will hear from the lawyers soon. Also I put together another Life In The Foodchain. Looking for something to do this coming weekend, on Friday Night check out the Preston Wayne 4, at Dee Dee's Lounge in Quincy, playing along with the SPF4. Saturday Night the pick goes to The Commando's Valentines Day (well a few days late) Massacre, at Ralph's in Worcester.