Friday, December 29, 2006

Live From Germany

Greetings from Germany. The fog in London lifted long enough for our flight to get in on time, and our connecting flight to Hamburg out on time. Had seen horrendous stories online about American Airlines in flight service, however our crew was great, the only complaints was that the check in service at Logan was a clusterf*ck. The idiot supposedly coordinating the check in line kept rearranging things on a whim and refused to acknowledge any questions directed at him.

Anyhow after we landed we managed to stay awake long enough to catch the Town of Flensburg's number 1 punk rock band Die Fro-Tee Slips at a local club. Heidi even hopped up on stage and sang along with one song. The pictures here though almost didn't happen after yours truly became collateral damage of some ferocious German pit activity and got slammed with the camera up against a wall. The show was sold out, you can see pictures here, here, and here, video here and here. And "Vielen Dank" to my nephew Finn, and my Brother-in-law Heinz for hooking me up with the internet access to make this post.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Day

How was your Christmas? Better than James Brown I hope.
No word from Hier Malone, hope him and Heidi made through the London Fog.
Christmas at the Wormstead was fun. Carrie jo's 89 year old Grandfather watched the Pats game and entertained us with tales like, "I remember when radio came out.."
He walks 3 miles a day and just moved into a complex that has
"15 widows, one right next door" This guy's seen it all.
The depression, prohibition, ww2, and is sharp as a tack recalling his life's adventures. We should all live so long and have as many tales to tell. He tells me he plays the fiddle and harmonica,and I told him next to time to bring the fiddle and play some.
We all had the christmas ham, and the Gansett was flowing.
Oh and Mike,Pats won, knew you'd want to know.
Happy new year!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

auf Wiedersehen, Frohe Weihnachten

Hey folks, WDOA will be going into a period of dormancy for the happy holiday season as myself and Heidi head over to Germany for Christmas, and about a zillion different people's birthdays. Currently we are scheduled to leave tomorrow from Boston and meet a connecting flight to Hamburg in Heathrow. At this point this might get ugly and we may even be stranded in Heathrow as the famous London Fog is causing all sorts of chaos at the airport. If we have internet access we may post some pictures and such along with way. We will be back at the homebase in mid January.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Life Sucks, by Ren and Stimpy

It's like Fort Knox trying to get in here. I love it when they upgrade stuff and make it more difficult to use .
I was just going to post this and it took me an hour and a phone call with Malone to just get through.
Anyway, check out this rare Ren and Stimpy stuff.

Now where the fuck is that link button?
I see the spell check and photo link, JESUS! I guess life does suck.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Inflatable Santa

What's this new trend towards these ugly inflatable Santas and Frostys that seem to be popping up on every other house around here. They are extra tacky when inflated and look a giant used condom when they are deflated, as many of them become. I keep picturing one of these coming to life, breaking loose and wreaking havoc a la the Stay Pufft Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters
I used to think the plain plastic Santas were tacky, but these blow-up Santas make them look like a freakin' Michaelangelo sculpture.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

More Christmas Cheer

The Worm Brothers, although too lazy and shiftless to post it here have put together another Christmas/Holiday offering, also at no additional cost a overview of other music that came out in 2006. Check it out here.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Golden Pizza, gouging on prices

Rant Mode: ON

Back when WDOA was broadcasting from our then studios on Fenwood Rd. in Worcester, MA many a cheap pizzas were consumed from Golden Pizza on Grafton St. Well we've since moved out to Spencer, but the other night was in Worcester past dinner time and on the way home decided to order a pizza from Golden's latest shop on Main St. in Worcester. Big Mistake, for some reason the prices are absolutely astronomical....Usually a small pepperoni bought on Grafton St. was around $4 or a bit more.. however it was almost six and half bucks for a small pepperoni pizza at the Main St. location. Me thinks it has something to do with that the Main St. location sells beer and is smack dab in the middle of gang-bangerville just off Webster Square, so maybe they have to pay off the local yo yo yos to stay in business in the "hood". further... the pizza just wasn't that good, no way was it worth 6+ dollars, also I had called it in and when I got there after they said it would 10 to 15 minutes it was a half hour before the pizza was even ready... Me thinks they didn't even put it in the oven till after I got there..

Rant Mode: OFF

Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Greatest Story Ever Told....

An alternate ending to "A Charlie Brown Christmas"... BTW Not Safe For Work...

Lazy, no good, shiftless

Boy , that's me when it comes to posting here I guess.
Sometimes I just forget. Other times I can't be bothered.
But, is that fair to you, the thousands of fans who listen to The Worm Bros?
Well, go here

for the latest.
It's almost Christmas and we started with a holiday song.
Oh, and this year they're really pushing the whole "Christmas" thing , so no saying "happy holidays"
Here in Wormtown they have the largest Christmas tree in the citys' history.
It took an entire afternoon and shut down east side traffic just to move it 3 miles. But I'm straying.
Listen to the current show. Then listen to the last show.

It contains Jeff's salute to spys, even before that russian one died.
Maybe Jeff knows something....also The Downbeat 5 and The Queers live at Ralphs.
And then listen to our Halloween show,

Then go have a couple of beers, Narragansett if possible.
Then you should be caught up and ready for the year end show we hope to get up
before wdoa goes on chritmas vacation.
You'll have to do the copy/paste thingy because the link button isn't working.
Either that or I'm lazy, shiftless, etc...

Monday, November 06, 2006

Election Day

Now, I'm of the firm belief that the best government would be a benign dictatorship headed by yours truly. Since my gang of hired goons hasn't come back from their recent trip to South America, I guess I'll have to put off plans for my junta. In that spirit here are my endorsements for the November 7th US Election. Your obedience in following my lead is appreciated.
On the Massachusetts Ballot Questions.

Question 1: which would allow grocery stores and convenience stores to sell wine. Vote No, not for any of the so-called "public Safety issues", but simply because it will mean longer lines both at the checkout and at the bottle return at my local supermarkets The stores are already short staffed, and now the lines will come to a grinding halt for booze sales. Thanks but no thanks, if I want booze I'll go two doors down to the liquor store.

Question 2: which would change the way candidates names appear and are tabulated may strengthen 3rd party candidates. Vote Yes.

Question 3: which would allow Child Care providers to bargain collectively with the state. Thumbs up. These are the folks that are closest to the little ones, so they know better what would help

State Rep: Anne Gobie (D 5th Worcester District) has stood up for gay marriage and with a few exceptions votes in sync with the WDOA political machine.

Governor/Lt. Governor: Deval Patrick/Tim Murray Enough already with the crap that's been coming out of the corner office in Boston for the last several years. Make no mistake though Deval Patrick and co. are going to have to show results or it will be a one term administration. Middle income people in this state are getting crushed by skyrocketing property taxes, increasing electric rates (gee, that competition thing voted in a few years ago has really helped us out hasn't it) Also it has to be noted that Tim Murray at risk to reputation has appeared in the past at Wormtown activities and has also visited the wdoa studios.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween Shows

We've got 2 Halloween shows up for your disemboweling and dancing pleasure.
The Worm Brothers offering is a 2+ hour marathon of bones rocking around the kitchen cabinet.
My own Death In the Foodchain has also been tossed out on the slab for general consumption.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hey Ho let's go

To listen to our live broadcast today (beginning at 2PM EDT/1800GMT), if you are on a Windows machine please install Winamp which can be downloaded free here. The free basic player is all you need.
We have two streams available a connection.
1st for folks on cable, dsl, or other high speed connection we have a standard MP3 stream. This stream can also be played using Itunes. You can listen to this stream for high speed internet users by clicking here or by clicking here if you want to listen via Windows Media Player.
Our second stream is a low bit-rate AAC+ stream for which you will need either a recent version of Winamp or have installed Windows Media Player w/the free AAC+ plugin available here, on the plus side it will allow those of you on dial-up to get a pretty good sounding audio feed.You can listen to this stream in Winamp by clicking here, or Windows Media Player by clicking here For Dial-UP

For Hi Bandwidth MP3 streaming w /winamp or I-tunes Go Here
For Hi Bandwidth MP3 streaming w/ Windows Media Player Go Here
For Lo Bandwidth MP3/AAC+ streaming w/Winamp Go Here
For Lo Bandwidth MP3/AAC+ streaming with Windows Media Player Go Here

Any questions email us at or on AIM at wdoa1

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Live Broadcast

Hey folks we are having a party at WDOA central this Saturday and will have a variety of DJ's and such at times spinning tunes that will be streaming live over this interweb thing. We also may have some live rock & roll played in studio, but we'll have to see if we can technically get our collective heads out of our asses, and also placate the neighbors not to call the cops.
We will have a link on the main WDOA page around 2PMEDT (1800 GMT). Can't promise professional or even entertaining program, but then again it might turn out to be.

Monday, September 11, 2006

September 2001 Show

Dug from the archives, Life In The Foodchain recorded shortly after the 911 attacks.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

It's a new Life In The Foodchain

Despite a nasty cold trying to sideline me, made it down to the Woodstock Fair to kick the weekend off seeing Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Good time was had by all, initially there were some problems with Joan's monitors but once those got worked out the show quickly picked up steam. Played a mix of the older hits, plus quite a few tracks off her new album "Sinner" . Those expecting some sort of 80's oldies act were in for shock. The new songs kick hard. She self censored herself though (probably in deference to the number of kiddos in the audience) removing the f-bomb from a song entitled "Fetish",. As a bonus a nice version of the Mary Tyler Moore theme was performed. Also lot's of pictures from the show here. She also performed "Riddles" which from my view got a less than warm reception. Bush may be down in the polls, but that still is "God's Country" and a lot of these folks still haven't woken up to the fact that "Shrub" is topping one of the worst administrations in the history of this country. (Soap Box mode now off).
Today just got done recording a new Life In The Foodchain, pay no attention to the super nasal voice as my cold is taking it's toll. Matter of fact after uploading this, I think I'm getting something to eat, taking a dose of "coma in a bottle" then crawling into bed.

Friday, September 01, 2006

fighting the non motivational monster

Okay, finally I promise to post a new version of "Life In The Foodchain" this weekend. After all it's suppose to rain so time to dust off the speakers.
Tonight Heidi, Jeff Worm and I are heading down to the Woodstock Fair in CT where Joan Jett is playing. Her new album is great, will be interesting to see how the anti-Bush numbers play in the backwoods. Will issue a report later, hopefully with pictures over on the WDOA web site.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Summer Swan Song

Well here we are with September quickly approaching, shit , the leaves are already starting to turn.
A good summer was had by all, the Wife and I tried to make the most out of days we could tear away from the man!
Stopped in Otis Ma.
Next went to the lovely town of Palmer.
My Worm Bro Jeff and I went to Salem.
And the Wife and I again went to visit her kin in Vermont.
And Jeff and I still found the time to do more rock than worms should be allowed.
Catch up with the latest,
A show we did on 8/19/06 where we drank and played totally mental tunes, drank some more and then burned stuff in the backyard.
And then the recorded history of the show we went to Salem to see.
A tribute to Alpo from The Real Kids
Boy amn I tired!
Here's hoping the fall will be a little more restful, now that vacation times gone.
The interweb isn't playing nice so you'll have to look 'em up yourself


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The future is unwritten......

But with the latest installment of Thw Worm Bros, there is hope.
This show features a bunch of kids from Ketchum, Idaho called
Young People With Faces. I've been trading messages with this band ever since I heard them on WFMU back in the winter. They told me they were coming to the northeast to tour with The Sleazies from Providence, RI , so I had to get them to come up to Wormtown. You'll hear them live at The Lucky Dog Music Hall in Worcester, and also on WCUW 91.3 fm with myself, Jeff, and Captain PJ, on his long running Rockin' Revolution program.
There is hope for the future of Punk, with bands like this keeping the spirit alive.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Summer, Syd, Psyco-phonic

Late with the post, but none the less, always the more, a new offering is up NOW!
It was a hot day so we start off with some summertime tunes,
then Jeff goes into outer space to see how the recently deceased Syd Barrett 's doin'.
Never a time at 'doa when we aren't saluting a dead person.
Boy did Mike name this station right.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Scary Monsters

Ragga, Rock and Hunger.
This week, Jeff celebrates the Return of Creature Double Feature to the airwaves of TV via Ch 56. He drags out more monster songs than you can shake a ghoul at. I bring in the old Reggae lps that have been gathering too much dust in the library, salute Desmond Dekker, and play something brand new from a western Mass. band called The Hunger Mountain Boys.
As Jeff put it, "it's another schitzo-phonic show!"
Enjoy, LB

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Worm Boys

Well howdy there. This time around we decided to forget the rock and play nothin' but good ole , down home , country music. I pulled songs from my yard sale collection and Jeff played stuff from his obscure collection. So grab a cold one, put the cows in the barn and have yourself a good old hoe-down.
OH, and I forgot to post the last show with The Screaming YeeHaws, The Wrong Reasons and Sasquatch and the Sickabillys. Probaly what inspired this latest show.
Live at Ralphs'

Friday, June 02, 2006

US Congress Bill to ban all MP3 Streaming

Here we go folks, our favorite scumbags the RIAA using their lobby dollars to buy technologically challenged politicians. The bill would ban all streaming media in the US from using MP3 technology and would require all streaming to be done with a Digital Rights Management compliant software. More Here.....

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hell or high water

We deliver!
While Jeff manned the Wormstead, Me and the Mrs took the high road to Maine for all the flood action. But before we left, I rushed through a new set of LIVE stuff from Ralphs'
Darkbuster, Boston punk legends,
Cobra-Matics, Providences' roots rock featuring The Colonel formerly of The Crowns.
The Narragansett was flowing like the Blackstone River.
And we saw some good flood action downeast.
Listen , and dry off...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Music to mine telco databases by

From The Proletariat Classic Boston Punk from 1982


Your Right To Freedom Of Speech
Depends On What You Have To Say
Could Your Name Be On File?
Can The Blacklist Be Far Away?
Have You Given To The Wrong Organizations?
Are The Wrong People Your Friends?
Are The Wrong Books On Your Shelves?
Did You Wear The Color Red?
They Want You To Believe It Couldn't Happen Again
Just Part Of Our Dark Past
They Expect You To Believe/It Couldn't Happen Again
Have McCarthy Style Purges Really Passed?
So Don't Criticize The Power On The Hill
Ignore The Abuses, The Lies And The Overkill
The NSA Will Protect Us All From Ourselves

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Have a Pathetic Evening

WDOA pals The Pathetics play their first show since 2003 this Friday Night (May 12) at The Lucky Dog on Green St. in Worcester. They've got a pack-O-new songs including "Bagman" and "Office Ass".
See you there.

Monday, May 08, 2006

we've reassembled ourselves

Happy to report that the WDOA studio's have been reassembled and we have two shows newly recorded in the studios. Matt Griffin stops by for his latest "2 Hour Rant" (minus 10 minutes) as well as yours truly "Life In The Foodchain". Enjoy

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Live Radio

From Boston, home of revoloutionary rock, The Radio Knives @Ralph's Diner.
Opening the set was Pullchain, a new outfit from Bob MacKenzie, x of The Mighty Ions, Underachievers, and more.
The Classic Ruins played too, but I didn't record them.
Lyres headlined, got a couple from them.
Also a salute to Ed McGee of The Bugs. 60's rock from Marlboro,Ma.
Better late then never.
As usual, Jeff goes out to the garage, and inhales fumes.
Listen, enjoy, listen again.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Move by Verizon, Comcast, etc Not Good...

Currently pressure is being brought to bear by many of the companies that are involved in the delivery of the internet pipeline to allow these companies to pick and choose (based on financial and other motives) how quickly and to whom internet content can be delivered. Verizon, Comcast, ATT and others want to be able to charge content providers to deliver their content. This is an extremely scary door to open. If passed, over time, I have no doubt this will redefine the internet, and not for the better. All content providers whether they be one of the "big boys" like Google, Yahoo, CNN, etc or smaller sites belonging to small businesses, hobbyists, non-profits, and individuals will be placed in a position of being asked to pay not just for their internet connection and bandwidth (as they currently do), but now have to pay the providers of their site visitors. This will move the internet away from a model where anyone can begin a site and have it viewed by anyone else to one where only the rich and politically connected will be heard. Under this move which has already received a favorable vote in the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, and has the support of FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, those who do not have the money, and/or those whose message is not welcomed of the proponents of this legislation, may found themselves shut out of the public pulpit that is the internet.

On a purely WDOA-centric note, if something like what Verizon, Comcast, etc. is allowed to prevail; it may be the final nail in the coffin of outfits like WDOA. We would not just be responsible for the data uploaded from our webhosts servers, but also for the data downloaded by many of you. This, I can pretty much guarantee would push off the net. There is also a free speech angle to this, as the folks who provide the internet's pipes would now be able to shutdown those who espose beliefs that they don't want heard. I shouldn't be surprised as this country is really nothing more at this point than a plutocracy, however we need to fight the good fight. Check out and contact your Congressional Representatives and let them hear your voice against this foolishness.

Slow Progress

Thanks to The Worm Brothers for keeping up the new shows while we wallpaper and paint the WDOA studios. It took an extra 2 weeks for the wallpaper to come in, hopefully we will get things wrapped up either this weekend or the next, then the rest of us can start doing shows again.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sox , Roky , Rickles

You can't get much more diverse than that.
Along the way new, Muck and the Mires, a salute to Gene Pitney ,
we just can't get away from honoring some passing music icon.
Also Blues Magoos, SLF, and Stinky from The Mad Daddys.
and MORE!
As always, not really sponsored by....
Enjoy, LB
Listen hear Dummy

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

radio made for drinkin'

Well at least that's how we saw it, on the latest.
It's another extrava-gansett!
The beer that's brewed for drinkin'
Some new stuff, Buck Owens, and Jeff's new fave..
The Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13

Monday, April 03, 2006

...Please Stand By

Hi folks, there will be a slowdown in the posting of new shows on over the next several weeks. Redoing the Brenke-Malone living room, and since that is also where the WDOA studios sit, the equipment had to be dismantled. Scraping off painted wallpaper which is on top of circa 1970s panelling... ICK. That part is almost down, but we still have to clean up the panelling, put up liner paper, then the paintable wallpaper, and then paint said wallpaper. After that we'll reset everything up. Feel free to browse the archives of each show for "highlights of previous shows you may have missed".

Thursday, March 23, 2006

new product

Can you call it product if you can't touch it?
Well , it'll touch you cosmicly
New stuff, old stuff, funny stuff
but all good stuff

Thursday, March 09, 2006

'Hoods mach 2

Hey! Lookit this!
Now you can SEE them pay Ralphs

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Neighborhoods

No pushin', no shovin'.
Yeah that's right , The Hoods visited Ralphs and we're here to testify!
Sold out, and greatly complimented by Thinner and Brilliant, Dave, Lee and Johnny
brought back to Ralphs the feeling of the old days when it was packed all the time, shoulder to shoulder and backs against the monitors. Sir David Minehan, hasn't aged a day and leads the group through a non stop hour and a half of classic tunes and throws in a couple of new ones from a disc due later this year. It's all here .
Just one at a time , please

Friday, March 03, 2006

Memorial Radio

It's always sad when the community of music loses a member, and this show we salute two, well actually 3.
Gene Severens, Alan Paulino, and Curt Gowdy.
Gene with The Aggressions, Alan with Real Kids, and Curt with the Red Sox.
Speaking of the Sox, I listened to the first broadcast game yesterday.
Listening to Joe and Jerry, summer's not far away.
Play Ball!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

If everyone's doing it, it must be good? Right?

As quick to jump on a bandwagon as anyone, we now have the WDOA My Space site. Actually I had set it up a few weeks ago, but due to some sort of bug in the My Space system, I was unable to log back into it to set anything up. Now all sorts of potential murderers and future murder victims (it does seem to be a trend, doesn't it) can sign up to be our friends.

Monday, February 13, 2006

...and we're back

A lag in posting is now broken. In the past week we have new shows up from Heidi with a new Das Etwas , The Worm Brothers came by and recorded a new show, with a tribute to Allen "Alpo" Paulino of The Real Kids, Nervous Eaters, Primitive Souls, and more. Also included at no additional cost is a live recording of the Lyres from Ralph's Diner in Worcester last month. I'm sure we will hear from the lawyers soon. Also I put together another Life In The Foodchain. Looking for something to do this coming weekend, on Friday Night check out the Preston Wayne 4, at Dee Dee's Lounge in Quincy, playing along with the SPF4. Saturday Night the pick goes to The Commando's Valentines Day (well a few days late) Massacre, at Ralph's in Worcester.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Newspaper Wars

How about a slice o life, Worcester style.
We are served by a daily , The Telegram and Gazette, a weekly Worcester Magazine, an bi-montly, InCity times, and a monthly, The Pulse. In the interest of disclosure, Brian Goslow, Mininster of Culture, , and Wormtown scene supporter since day one, worked at Womag until he was let go last fall. He also was the creator of The Wormtown Sound Awards , a yearly vote on the best of what the local musicians offered that year. Now freelancing at both InCity and The Pulse, he's still at it. While at Womag, he ran the WSA's last year, and no mention was made about this years' when he left. Still wanting to do something he talked to The Pulse, and they decided to run with it renaming it The Worcester Music Awards. So ok, they dropped the Wormtown name but that's fine. The Pulse doesn't really cover the , oh how do we say this, the punk/alternative/ what's the label this year/ music in town. But they did have a piece about Danny Dummy's night at The Lucky Dog, so maybe they're trying. But it's more of a Hip , now, upscale , for Worcester anyway, publication. Like Stuff @ Night in Boston. You know, the pick - up bar scene. Pretty people, sometimes half naked.
So this week Womag announces The Turtle Boy Awards , named after the statue on the common downtown of a boy riding a turtle. I mean come on. A city of this size ,with the limited amount of clubs showcasing music and practicly no radio support needs two contests to compete with each other? Womag told me they had to get rid of Goslow due to $$$ constraints, and then they come up with this shit ? They already do an additional Best of Worcester vote already. Seems like they're into ballbusting now too.
Now over at InCity, the publisher is accusing the publisher of The Pulse of stealing 2000 copies of her latest issue that featured a story about the said Pulse Publisher. But that's another story. Oh, and they both use to work at Womag.
The Telegram had no comment.

LB Worm

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Classic Ruins

Just when Jeff and I stated we we're changing our format, moving away from the "Live From" stuff, The Classic Ruins came to town and I had to break out the mini disc unit and capture it for you , the listener to enjoy. Along with whatever else we brought along it turned out well. So check out the latest.


Monday, January 23, 2006

Sunday, January 15, 2006

We interrupt jock foolishness to bring you rock and roll

There is a special place in hell for clubs that leave the TV's on while a band is playing, worse yet is projecting sports events behind a band while they are playing, unfortunately this was the case last night at Ralph's during the set of Classic Ruins. Yeah, I know a lot of people have to plan their whole lives around the marketing genius that is the NFL, but the NFL represents to me just about everything that is bad about this country. Jock-O-Rama Nation indeed. If folks wanted to watch the game there are other TV's in other sections of the bar.
Otherwise the Classic Ruins delivered a solid set, and Das Happening who I had heard a couple tracks from before and had really wanted to like, after about 4 songs everything started to sound alike, they were not bad, I just got bored quickly. The Lyres however owned the night, Jeff "Monoman" Connolly and his bandmates were hitting on all cylinders, and actually had people dancing. If you've got a broadband connection and Quicktime, check out short clips recorded on my digital camera of "Help You Ann" and "She Pays The Rent". Not exactly a hifi recording, but what did you pay to read this anyway?? We also have a few still pictures.
Speaking of, I've reorganized a bit of the WDOA pages that are a compilation of pictures taken at shows over the last 6 years. Everything 1999-2005 has been shuffled off to it's own page. While we start with a clean slate for 2006, of which last night's show is the first entry.

Friday, January 13, 2006

More Beer, More Rock and Roll

Another Life In the Foodchain is posted for your dining and dancing pleasure. I was supposed to go see The Preston Wayne 4 tonight at The Lucky Dog Music Hall but unfortunately their drummer came down with the dreaded Bird Flue or some equivalent. Hopefully we'll get a chance to see them back in Wormtown soon. In this edition of Life In The Foodchain, all sorts of the usual punk rock and rockabilly fun. Tomorrow night it's off to see The Lyres, Classic Ruins, and a band I've been meaning to see but haven't had the chance, Das Happening at Ralphs Diner here in Worcester, MA. Hopefully the idiocy known as NFL Football won't keep everyone indoors.

Das Etwas

The first "das Etwas" in 06 is up. Hope you like it. Let me know either way.

Worm Bros Return!

Well after a 3 month break , anyway. So I thought I 'd try my hand at this blogging shit and if I'm lucky, Womag will lift this off the page and publish it without any compensation.
We dropped the "Live From Wormtown" moniker, opting to play anything that we think is cool, now, and hip, coming from Worcester, New England, and the world. Occasionaly, we willl still feature area bands when something important comes along. By no means does this mean we are abandoning the scene we've drawn from for the past 15 years, we just don't get out as much as we like to . We always tried to focus on local music especially Punk, Garage, and good ole' Rock n Roll. It just seems lately that our little scene has imploded on itself and we're just waitng for it to poke it's head up so we can pounch on it. Feel free to send anything you think would fit our tastes, and we'll do our best.
Some say Wormtown is, and should be dead. That it no longer serves as a proper moniker for such a city on the move that Worcester, Ma has become in the past few years. I say Bullshit! Wormtown never had anything to do with the city itself, but was just a flag to fly in the face of mediocrity. And besides, Worcester may be on the move , but it still trips itself up now and then. The airport brought back planes and only a few have been diverted to other locals due to fog. The big deveolpment due downtown to replace the Mall is dragging behind for some reason. Demolition was to commence in Oct 05, but she still stands today. They bulit a fine new Bus Terminal that has no busses, and are in the process of erecting a new hotel and courthouse which will have no parking facilitites, so you see, not all is perfect. And I like it when people get all upset about that little nickname. It's been around now for almost 30 years and shows no sign of disappearing anytime soon.
But what does that have to do with Music? Nothing . My point exactly. Add to you favorites, visit it often. It's one of the only places left where you'll hear the best in what our little corner of the world has to offer.

LB Worm

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

more web space = higher quality shows's webhost Powweb has increased the amount of web space they give customers from 5GB to 12GB, so this means we will be tweaking up the bit-rate of our mp3 shows from 96kbps to 128kbps. While any mp3 format by it's very nature means compression it does make the audio quality (sorry we can't do anything about the content quality ;-) ) we are able to deliver be somewhere between FM and CD quality. Also it will allow our DJ's who want to do shows longer than our previously imposed limit of 1 to 2 hours the ability to do so if they wish.

Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year, New Crap

I've squeezed out the first new show for WDOA of 2006. Also done some "cleanup" of our new shows page. Basically, if someone hasn't done a show in the last 6 months we threw it on the trash heap. Over the Christmas break we got our "Season's Greetings" from the folks at ASCAP , they have their hand out to the tune of $288, BMI will be hot on their heels looking for $295 this year. WDOA doesn't have any commercials and we just try to offset our expenses by good folks throwing a few bucks our way each year. If you want to see what the financial breakdown of our operating costs are for the coming year, they are available here If you wish to help us out, it's simple

Otherwise, The Worm Brothers have revamped themselves for 2006 and in preparation we've moved the shows from the last 4 years over to their own archive.