Monday, February 19, 2007

New Show with Brian Commando

We've got a new show here in the mix on WDOA, Brian Commando of The Commandos recently came by to record his first of hopefully many shows. Make sure you check out Brian Commandos "Welcome To My Neighborhood".

Boom Booms Live

Yeah, you just knew it was coming. After more than thirty of waiting, Willie Alexander and The Boom Boom Band played Ralphs Diner in Wormtown. The near sell out crowd enjoyed a extended set from these Boston Rock n Roll Legends, and we 've got it right here.
But first, The Pathetics, fine example of punk rock in Worcester today, also live at London Billiards.
And some other tunes we felt you just need to hear.

worm bros

Thursday, February 15, 2007

clips from the last Crybabies show

Finally posted some pictures from last Saturday final performance of The Crybabies
See them here.
Also playing were The Time Beings, Lady Kensington & The Beatlords, and Ghoul's Night Out.

Also a couple of Youtube video's from the night
video one
video two

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Well I just drove to work through the wonderful ice storm we are currently having here in Worcester, MA. The drive itself wouldn't have been bad except for the Mooks. Who is a Mook? Usually male drivers of limited IQ who are in pickup trucks or SUV's. They're the ones that even as ice is coming down feel they should still be able to 50 to 60 MPH on city streets where traffic has no business going more than 25 MPH tops. They get up right behind you and let you know in no uncertain terms that they feel that your caution of the driving conditions is unwarranted. You can see their Mook blood vessels pulsing in the rear view mirror, and when they get to a spot where they feel they can pass (even if it's passing you by cutting into a break down lane or driving on the sidewalk) they do so while letting you know that they are very important and that they have a God given right to drive like a nut. Now generally being a peace loving (in a non-hippie sort of way) person far be it for me to wish ill on my fellow travelers, but it's mooks like these that I would like to see overturned trapped in there Mook-Mobiles a bit further down the road. Of course I would call for help for them, now what's that number "nine, one, uh, errr, hmmm I just can't think of it now"

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Crybabies Farewell tonight

The Crybabies call it a day after tonights show at The SkyBar in Somerville, MA. Catch these pop/garage favorites one more time and at no additional charge get The Time Beings, Lady Kensington & The Beatlords, and Ghoul's Night Out. Crybabies are one of me and Heidi's sentimental favorites as one of their first shows was our wedding back on September 30, 2000. The Time Beings also played. Suffice it to say this wedding was Hokie Pokie, and Chicken Dance free.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Pathetics, Numbskulls, Spoilers tonight

If you have not set plans for tonight and are in the Central Mass area, head out to Boston Billiards at 70 James St. in Worcester for an 18 plus show with The Pathetics,The Numbskulls, Public Uproar, The Spoilers, & Dingbat
9PM, $6

Monday, February 05, 2007

Boom Boom

Years ago, before Wormtown was born, I heard Bob Mercer on wicn play Willie Alexander and the Boom Boom Band. It was a song from their debut lp on mca records previously done by The Righteous Brothers, You've Lost That Loving Feeling. Willie's vocal delivery and the bands reshaping of the melody immediately hooked me. As time went on I heard Brian Goslow play some more stuff on wcuw and eventually saw them perform in Boston. The rest, as they say , is history. Willie's carreer has spanned 4 decades and the Boom Booms are but one chapter. One very important chapter. They played together for about 3 years and recently reunited for a series of gigs that led to a new recording, "Dog Bar Yacht Club". On Feb 10th they play Ralphs Diner for the first time . Ever. So Jeff and I thought the least we could do was play some of the rarest stuff we have by them to celebrate. Along with some other exciting tunes, Willie and The Boom Booms take up half the show. So by all means ,check it out. And then go Loco at Ralphs next weekend.