Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hey Ho let's go

To listen to our live broadcast today (beginning at 2PM EDT/1800GMT), if you are on a Windows machine please install Winamp which can be downloaded free here. The free basic player is all you need.
We have two streams available a connection.
1st for folks on cable, dsl, or other high speed connection we have a standard MP3 stream. This stream can also be played using Itunes. You can listen to this stream for high speed internet users by clicking here or by clicking here if you want to listen via Windows Media Player.
Our second stream is a low bit-rate AAC+ stream for which you will need either a recent version of Winamp or have installed Windows Media Player w/the free AAC+ plugin available here, on the plus side it will allow those of you on dial-up to get a pretty good sounding audio feed.You can listen to this stream in Winamp by clicking here, or Windows Media Player by clicking here For Dial-UP

For Hi Bandwidth MP3 streaming w /winamp or I-tunes Go Here
For Hi Bandwidth MP3 streaming w/ Windows Media Player Go Here
For Lo Bandwidth MP3/AAC+ streaming w/Winamp Go Here
For Lo Bandwidth MP3/AAC+ streaming with Windows Media Player Go Here

Any questions email us at or on AIM at wdoa1

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Live Broadcast

Hey folks we are having a party at WDOA central this Saturday and will have a variety of DJ's and such at times spinning tunes that will be streaming live over this interweb thing. We also may have some live rock & roll played in studio, but we'll have to see if we can technically get our collective heads out of our asses, and also placate the neighbors not to call the cops.
We will have a link on the main WDOA page around 2PMEDT (1800 GMT). Can't promise professional or even entertaining program, but then again it might turn out to be.

Monday, September 11, 2006

September 2001 Show

Dug from the archives, Life In The Foodchain recorded shortly after the 911 attacks.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

It's a new Life In The Foodchain

Despite a nasty cold trying to sideline me, made it down to the Woodstock Fair to kick the weekend off seeing Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Good time was had by all, initially there were some problems with Joan's monitors but once those got worked out the show quickly picked up steam. Played a mix of the older hits, plus quite a few tracks off her new album "Sinner" . Those expecting some sort of 80's oldies act were in for shock. The new songs kick hard. She self censored herself though (probably in deference to the number of kiddos in the audience) removing the f-bomb from a song entitled "Fetish",. As a bonus a nice version of the Mary Tyler Moore theme was performed. Also lot's of pictures from the show here. She also performed "Riddles" which from my view got a less than warm reception. Bush may be down in the polls, but that still is "God's Country" and a lot of these folks still haven't woken up to the fact that "Shrub" is topping one of the worst administrations in the history of this country. (Soap Box mode now off).
Today just got done recording a new Life In The Foodchain, pay no attention to the super nasal voice as my cold is taking it's toll. Matter of fact after uploading this, I think I'm getting something to eat, taking a dose of "coma in a bottle" then crawling into bed.

Friday, September 01, 2006

fighting the non motivational monster

Okay, finally I promise to post a new version of "Life In The Foodchain" this weekend. After all it's suppose to rain so time to dust off the speakers.
Tonight Heidi, Jeff Worm and I are heading down to the Woodstock Fair in CT where Joan Jett is playing. Her new album is great, will be interesting to see how the anti-Bush numbers play in the backwoods. Will issue a report later, hopefully with pictures over on the WDOA web site.