Monday, March 10, 2008

Fleshtones, Lyres, Prime Movers... yee yee

Friday night Heidi and I left the water rising in our basement to head down the Pike to catch a great garage rock line-up. The Fleshtones, Lyres, and Prime Movers. Reminds me how much fun it is (and rare) to go to a show where all the bands on the bill rock. Usually when I go out I find myself twiddling my thumbs or making snide comments about at least one of the bands on the bill. I guess it's part of aging that I become more curmudgeonly and less tolerant of crap as time stumbles forward. Anyhow enough bitching, because there was absolutely nothing to bitch at at this show, it was as they say "all killa, no filla".... Here are a couple pictures and video. As always the audio of the recording doesn't do any of the bands justice, but maybe it gives you an idea of how much fun it was.