Sunday, August 27, 2006

Summer Swan Song

Well here we are with September quickly approaching, shit , the leaves are already starting to turn.
A good summer was had by all, the Wife and I tried to make the most out of days we could tear away from the man!
Stopped in Otis Ma.
Next went to the lovely town of Palmer.
My Worm Bro Jeff and I went to Salem.
And the Wife and I again went to visit her kin in Vermont.
And Jeff and I still found the time to do more rock than worms should be allowed.
Catch up with the latest,
A show we did on 8/19/06 where we drank and played totally mental tunes, drank some more and then burned stuff in the backyard.
And then the recorded history of the show we went to Salem to see.
A tribute to Alpo from The Real Kids
Boy amn I tired!
Here's hoping the fall will be a little more restful, now that vacation times gone.
The interweb isn't playing nice so you'll have to look 'em up yourself


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The future is unwritten......

But with the latest installment of Thw Worm Bros, there is hope.
This show features a bunch of kids from Ketchum, Idaho called
Young People With Faces. I've been trading messages with this band ever since I heard them on WFMU back in the winter. They told me they were coming to the northeast to tour with The Sleazies from Providence, RI , so I had to get them to come up to Wormtown. You'll hear them live at The Lucky Dog Music Hall in Worcester, and also on WCUW 91.3 fm with myself, Jeff, and Captain PJ, on his long running Rockin' Revolution program.
There is hope for the future of Punk, with bands like this keeping the spirit alive.