Monday, November 06, 2006

Election Day

Now, I'm of the firm belief that the best government would be a benign dictatorship headed by yours truly. Since my gang of hired goons hasn't come back from their recent trip to South America, I guess I'll have to put off plans for my junta. In that spirit here are my endorsements for the November 7th US Election. Your obedience in following my lead is appreciated.
On the Massachusetts Ballot Questions.

Question 1: which would allow grocery stores and convenience stores to sell wine. Vote No, not for any of the so-called "public Safety issues", but simply because it will mean longer lines both at the checkout and at the bottle return at my local supermarkets The stores are already short staffed, and now the lines will come to a grinding halt for booze sales. Thanks but no thanks, if I want booze I'll go two doors down to the liquor store.

Question 2: which would change the way candidates names appear and are tabulated may strengthen 3rd party candidates. Vote Yes.

Question 3: which would allow Child Care providers to bargain collectively with the state. Thumbs up. These are the folks that are closest to the little ones, so they know better what would help

State Rep: Anne Gobie (D 5th Worcester District) has stood up for gay marriage and with a few exceptions votes in sync with the WDOA political machine.

Governor/Lt. Governor: Deval Patrick/Tim Murray Enough already with the crap that's been coming out of the corner office in Boston for the last several years. Make no mistake though Deval Patrick and co. are going to have to show results or it will be a one term administration. Middle income people in this state are getting crushed by skyrocketing property taxes, increasing electric rates (gee, that competition thing voted in a few years ago has really helped us out hasn't it) Also it has to be noted that Tim Murray at risk to reputation has appeared in the past at Wormtown activities and has also visited the wdoa studios.