Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Post Holiday Fun

Hope everyone had a fun holiday. Post holidays at WDOA means greetings from the publishing outfits ASCAP and BMI, we haven't got the BMI one quite yet, but ASCAP has come with their hand-out for $300, and I am sure BMI will be close on their heels. In the past years we have received generous contributions that have kept WDOA from being a money losing proposition for myself and my wife. If you have some holiday cash you would like to stear to the cause of keeping WDOA going into it's 10th year (counting the pirate radio daze), please do so. You can give safely and securely by clicking below.

For those who are not comfortable giving online you can send a check made out to:
Mike Malone
128 Mechanic St.
Spencer, MA 01562



Tuesday, November 29, 2005

New Das Etwas Posted

Heidi has finished another edition of "Das Etwas" I'll try to coax her and the others to post here so it's not only my sad self posting!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

New Life In the Foodchain, new web design?

Well I finally got off my ass and recorded a new edition of "Life In The Foodchain" on Friday, didn't break anything during the recording of it, so I guess that is a good sign. Next on the agenda is a badly needed redesign of the WDOA.COM website, which needs an update from its current circa 1998 construction I don't have the skills currently to update the site, but if there are any volunteers out there willing to help with this, please let me know.
Matt Griffin stopped by yesterday to check in with another edition of "Matt Griffin's Two Hour Rant". It's currently available for your dining and dancing pleasure.
Heidi is in the next room now working on her next edition of Das Etwas. Heidi preparing and doing a show is somewhat akin to the process of renovating an old Victorian Home. Long and involved but worth the wait. My preparation for an edition of "Life In The Foodchain" basically involves consuming a few fermented beverages, stumbling up the stairs to the WDOA Library and grabbing what seems good at the time (which isn't always what seems good after the show has done).

Hello Hello (is this machine recording)

Greetings and Salutations. Here we go with the first official blog of WDOA.COM Internet Radio.
Here I will be adding some generally inane comments of what is going on with WDOA. If you want to see the history of WDOA wander over here. Gotta figure out how to let the other folks involved with the station be able to post. More later.